Collectible Kid’s Baking Badge


  • Brownie
  • Cupcake
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  • Strengthening Parent-Child Relationships Through Cooking Learning & Giving: Cooking together is a place where memories are made. Where learning more about each other brings us closer together. And the Giving away of our time and handmade sweets molds us into the people we aspire to be, Those Who Care For Others.
  • Master the Recipe and Get the Badge: Each pack comes with a Recipe Card, Shopping List, and Achievement Badge Open it up and start cooking…..
  • Fun for the whole family: The recipes are designed for kids who enjoy being hands-on in the kitchen. Parents and Children can come together to create something delicious together. Master the recipe and get the Badge. Pin it to your Real Chefs Apron. Collect them all and become a Master Chef.
  • Collect Them All: New Recipes and Badges Coming Soon!!
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